Thursday, August 28, 2008

Grimaces, Giggles, and Popsicles - the Great Debate!

It's hard to believe in this southern heat that the kids have never indulged in too many popsicles before now! They really had fun enjoying a couple this afternoon - or at least I had fun watching them!


OHHH... THIS HURTSSSSS!!! Mom, you didn't tell me it was going to feel like this! It's SOOOO COLD!!

But you know, it was yuuuummmmy...

Hmmmmm.... this looks interesting... let's try it!

OH MY - OUCH!!! This does NOT feel good!

But it tasted good anyway!

Well, maybe I'll have just one more bite; it wasn't too bad...

You have GOT to be kidding - I can't believe they talked me into this again!!

Hmmm... well maybe...

How do I keep falling for this??!!

Well, I ended up liking it afterall!! I ate it all gone!

Ahhh....see?? There's none left!

Mine was really yummy, too! May I please have another??

Swimming Lessons!

Noah and Addison took swimming lessons for the last couple of weeks. They both had a really good time! Addison's class was parent-assisted, and Noah took individual lessons after her class. The instructor was great! Addison's class ended last week, but I think we might continue Noah's lessons a bit longer. Thanks to Teresa for the terrific referral!


Noah and Addison have recently discovered the art of looking at ALL of their books - all at once (or so it seems)!! They have lots of fun previewing and "reading" one book after the other. I was a bit shocked when I saw the huge mess for the first time (all over the room) - a bit devastated that my only-one-book-out-at-a-time training had not taken complete hold, but we eventually discovered fun ways to clean up and make different piles of all the related books. Now, I can't resist secretly peeking in on them as they dig deeper and deeper into Sesame Street and the Berenstain Bears. The entire picture looks and feels so good! It seems that the number of books on the floor continues to grow more and more each day, and I'm learning more and more to just sit back and enjoy the scene (and the mess!). Creative learning at its best!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Behind the Times - Tagged with Seven Things!

I've been tagged! I'm more than a little late with this entry, but here goes...

Seven Facts -

1. I love animals. Before kids and especially marriage, I had two cats who were my roommates – the ones I happily came home to after work. However, they did not adjust well to our son. Jealously in every form (i.e., wetting the king size bed - comforter, sheets, waterproof mattress pad - three times in one week) took over. Giving them away to another family in TN was absolutely one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made, and I do still miss them. I still cannot walk inside the humane society without getting teary!

2. I have had over 3000 stitches in my body (counting inside and out) - largely because of two car accidents when I was younger.

3. We were going to name our daughter "Alexandra Adair" until one of our closest friends named hers Alexandria Grace seven weeks before I was due. (We always keep baby names secret until after they’re born.) Instead, we came up with another name we love, "Addison Adair. "

4. I worked as a c++ and database software developer before I had Noah and became a full-time mom.

5. Being a mom is by far the most rewarding and hardest job I’ve ever had.

6. I feel so very lucky and thankful every day because of my wonderful husband and children.

7. I’m due with our 3rd baby (a little boy who, by the way, kicks non-stop in my tummy!) at the end of October. We’re so excited about the newest addition! (and a bit nervous, too, but I guess that comes with the territory!)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This and That!

Here are a few random pictures we've recently taken of the kids...

It was sort of "rainy" outside (partially sunny, actually), and Noah thought it would be best if he wore his rain boots around the house just in case he got wet.

Another hug for the camera!

The kids LOVE it when we make cookies. The highlight of the day is not the cookies themselves, but it's when they get to sit down and enjoy eating the cookie dough off the beaters! (Even if I use a different kind of mixer which doesn't use those beaters, I still have to pretend and put the dough on the beaters so the kids can enjoy!)

Addy smiles big for the camera!

Vaughn got to come and stay with us for a night. Once again, I'm not sure who enjoyed his visit more - the kids or us?! I think he read more children's books in one night than he'd care to count! Thanks for a fun visit, Vaughn!

Sunday Lunch with Mormor and Morfar!

We really enjoyed having Sunday lunch with a few of the Olssons (and families) last week. Addison and Noah just love being with them, and so do we! I luckily had my camera with me, and here's a few pictures I took. Thanks so much for all the spoiling and terrific company!

Big Boy Bed!!

Noah took a giant step last week and started using his "big boy bed." (We actually just converted the crib into a toddler bed by taking off its front side.) He was so excited - giddy, in fact!! He did roll off the bed two times the first night, but he was easily soothed. He's gotten better since then about rolling off the bed, but his blanket keeps falling on the floor - so there's still some unusual calls and pleas (or demands) for help in the middle of the night. He just keeps saying over and over how much he "loves his new bed!" Another milestone!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lydia's Shower!

Jaime and Darlene hosted a fun shower for Lydia on Saturday. We all had a terrific time, and it seems like she got a lot of great gifts that she really needed. Oh the joys of starting out! :)
Congratulations, Lydia! We're so excited for you and Zachary!