Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just Goofing Off ...

Noah and Addison have always raced to the door to greet Daddy when he got home from work. Now, though, it seems that they might have an additional motive in mind... shoulder rides! We think that the understanding between them is that the first person who hugs Daddy will get the first ride. They have so much fun with laughs and squeals of delight as Daddy chugs them up and down around the house!

Addison slipped on a pair of my old shoes and walked around the house in deep concentration trying not to let one fall off.

Noah has recently decided that he could put his socks on his hands and turn them into puppets which can talk, dance, and scare people. He goes around the house waving his arms and hands up and down mumbling words and saying "Boo!" It's probably the cutest, though, when his two puppets start talking to each other. Oh the conversations they have! (that only Noah himself can understand!!)

It's Bathtime!!

Elizabeth and Alexandria came over to visit last week, and we decided it was bathtime!! The tub and its toys always provide awesome entertainment, and everybody had to get clean that night before meeting. Long, long baths are the best, right??

Daddy's Birthday!

Daniel had a birthday last month, and we celebrated the day with a special supper and birthday cake at home. The next day we all went out and celebrated on the town. We had a great time! (The pictures don't adequately represent the occasion, but I just had to post the ones I had.)


We recently took Noah to see a live Elmo show. He LOVED it - and the cotton candy, too! We had really good seats, and he got to see all the characters up close as they walked by. He even gave Abby herself a high five! We owe another great big THANK YOU to Tio and Aunt Debbie for keeping Addison that night so we could take Noah by himself. (We thought Addison was a bit too young to enjoy all the lights and action of the night show. We've vowed to take her to her own show soon, too, though!)

Noah's eyes were too glued to the stage to ever actually turn to the camera and smile!

YUMMMMM.... cotton candy!!!

... and the inevitable sticky hands and cheeks that come with it!

Bye, bye, Elmo!! Bye, bye!

The Belated Posting of the First Day of School!

Where does the time go?!? Things have been so busy lately that I had to make myself stop and take time to post some pictures. I do apologize for my apathy in getting these pictures up!

Noah and Addison both started their "preschool" (Mothers' Morning Out program) in early September. This is actually Noah's second year and Addison's first. They both go for four hours two days a week and love it! Noah was very attentive to Addison on the first day and kept giving her hugs and kisses and telling her in a soft voice that "It's okay, Addy, it okay." Sweet big brother!
(Addison's class has rules that the children cannot wear hair bows or hair clips, and all the kids must have close-toed shoes. Those restrictions certainly put a strain on the summer shoe options and on keeping Addison's hair out of her eyes! Fortunately, the teacher is a lot more easy-going than the handbook about the hair clips, and winter makes the shoe selection lots easier!)
Here are pictures of the kids the morning of their first day and of Addison's teacher this year (who was Noah's teacher last year) and Noah's best friend at school, Reagan.