Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fun Pictures

It feels like it's been forever since I've posted any blogs, so I'm sitting down and making myself take time to get somewhat up-to-date today while the kids are all asleep. (whew!) So without further ado, here are some fun pictures we've taken recently of the kids... (I'm posting everything today using a slideshow - it's lots faster, and the kids will be waking up soon!)

Tio and Aunt Debbie

Our kids love their Tio and Aunt Debbie! They totally spoil both the kids and us when we're together. Noah and Addison had so much fun playing airplane with Tio last week. We're all so lucky!

Another Annual GTG at the Farm!

We had another fun get-together this year in Lula! Alvin, Joann, Judy, and the whole family once again spared no effort in putting on a fun affair with food and activities for adults and kids alike. The horses got a really good workout, too, as they gave at least one ride around the farm to all the people there! Thank you for another important reason we so look forward to fall each year!


We had the best time going trick-or-treating this year! Everyone was dressed up either really cute or really scary, and we all ate waaaay too much candy! Noah and Addison went out with Sophia, Satchel, Adrian, Levi, Evie, and Jaclyn. Majken stayed back to hand out the candy and keep Liam. Thank you, Mormor!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Liam Chandler (at last!)

Introducing Mr. Liam Chandler!! He was born Oct 20, 2008, weighed 7 lbs, 10 oz, and he was 20" long. Here are some of the first pictures taken just after he was born. I do apologize for taking so long to post; who knew things would be so busy with three?!? (lol) We're truly enjoying our new little guy. He's precious! (of course, right?!) By now, there are at least a million more pictures we've taken - hopefully I can post some of them soon, too. Enjoy!