Monday, January 21, 2008


We've been homebound with Addison all week! She's been fighting a cold all winter it seems, and she has the hardest times recovering. Antibiotic after antibiotic. Nebulizer. Eye infection. Ear infection. All at the same time! It really hasn't been that bad altogether; she's getting better now - slowly but surely. After going to the doctor three times in the last two weeks, we've been keeping her captive inside to make sure a new infection isn't introduced. We've had to come up with lots of fun games for her and Noah to play! Here are a few pictures we've taken since the homebound episode began...

Daddy and his two little ones...

Noah decided to go walking in Mama's shoes!

Oh the games they play!

Happy 5th Birthday, Will!

Noah and I had such a fun time at Will's 5th birthday party this weekend! Lots and lots of little pirates (and one big one - Jack Sparrow) were sparing around his house - all at the same time! The decorations and party favors were fantastic - with little pirate hats for all the "mates," sailboat steering wheels used as table center pieces, and pails with indiviualized take-home goodies for all Will's buddies - not to mention a well-dressed, delicious pirate birthday cake! Thanks to Lauren and Mark for putting on such a fun affair!

(I am sooo sad that I do not have any pictures to display!!! I forgot my camera!!! GRRRRR. But I'm hoping I get some pics forwarded to me, and I'll be sure to post them if I do.)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday, Alexandria!!

We went to a really fun clown party for Alexandria's first birthday on Saturday. Lots of friends and family, cute clown faces (thanks to talented Elizabeth!), delicious spaghetti, yummy birthday cake, and gifts and more gifts all came together for the special day. Happy Birthday, Alexandria!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Friday Night at Tio and Debbie's

Noah and Addison had so much fun last Friday night at Jorge and Debbie's! Thanks so much, you guys, for all the endless pampering - for the kids and us!

Aunt Debbie is patiently juggling both of them!

The Many Faces of Addison

What's in there, Zack?

Tio is trying to teach Noah...

and he's just about asleep...

Look up and say "cheese."


Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year's Party 2008

We all had such a good time this year at Jaemor's! It was lots of fun having so many friends together to celebrate. Thanks to all who helped prepare for the celebration!

Noah and Jacob playing

Carla and Jenny

Mormor, Morfar, Anna, and Sophia

Fred and Bobbie

Evie Jean

Noah thinks he is so cool with shades on!

Addison's Newest Pick!

The Thains provided awesome entertainment!

And Noah provided some entertainment for the group, too!
Check out the slide show...