Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Some friends got together and went to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus this last weekend. We had such a great time! We put our hearts at risk and ate at the healthy Varsity to start the fun evening. Eating at The Varsity is a cherished, greasy-onion-ring-and-chili-dog, one-time-a-year treat! Thanks to Michal, we even had delicious, ice-it-yourself cookies for dessert! Then off to the circus we went! The clowns, tigers, zebras, elephants, acrobats, and so many other spectators all added to the excitement! We sat in awe of the skills and talents the entire cast displayed. We were so surprised to see Evenader Holyfield at the affair! Mark was quick to point him out as he anonymously rode around the rings. Daniel confirmed it later, too, when they walked by each other. Good eye, Mark! From our little get-together to watching the circus staff and the animals, the evening was so much fun!! (and the cotton candy helped, too!)

The gang at The Varsity

Yes, these tigers are actually sitting on top of each other!

Daniel and Noah

Trevor, Jenna, Melina, and Konlan

Melia, Jenna, and Noah

Will and Mark

Evander Holyfield showed up for the affair!


Cindy and Noah

Noah, Konlan, Melina, Jenna, Melia, Will, and Trevor

Duane, Michal, Trevor, Melia, and Konlan

Mark, Lauren, and Will

Daniel, Cindy, and Noah