Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas in Jacksonville

We spent Christmas in Jacksonville Beach this year with Daniel's family. We had a really great time! Debbie, Jorge, Mark, Lydia, and Zack all went down, too. It was really special having so many of the family together! We spent lots of time eating Cuban food, playing and looking for sharks' teeth at the beach, and relaxing. The Deans and the Klepzigs even came over for pizza one night and played games. We had a really fun time playing Catch Phrase. We won each time, of course!

Noah and Grandpa had lots of fun feeding the seagulls!

The weather was way too cold and windy for Addison so Mimi had to rescue her!

Noah and Addison with Grandpa and Grandma Torres

Hmm... what's this??

Ohhh... I see!

Noah playing with Mark

Addison playing with Zack