Sunday, June 22, 2008


The kids and I have lately been meeting Daniel downtown close to his work on Friday nights to eat at some of our favorite resturants and go to a nearby park. He now works in the city close to where we used to live, so we're kind of familiar with the area and it's fun to go back! We save bread and go feed the ducks at the park, play frisbee and ball, climb and swing at the playground, and enjoy petting the dogs in the reserved dog park area. The summer hours and temps make it easy to visit the park after dinner. I'm not sure who looks forward to Fridays the most - the kids or us!!? We all have lots of fun!

Addison still LOVES to play peek-a-boo! (over and over and over!)

Noah's making some silly faces!
Addison's new queen hat!
The kids love the playground!


Father's Day!

I wanted to post some special pictures of some special, special people that we took on Father's Day. It's definitately a late posting, but better late than never, right?! :) We love you, Daddy!!

Noah had made a Father's Day tie and a colorful rock for his Dad in art class at school before it ended in May. We hid the present until Sunday morning when Noah woke up his Dad gave it to him. Daniel said that it was the sweetest gift he had ever received!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday, Levi!!

Levi had a late birthday pool party last Saturday. His birthday was last month, but coordinating everyone's busy schedules made planning an official party difficult at that time. Finally everyone was able to get together to celebrate last week, and it was lots of fun - fun in the sun (and heat), that is! The pool was a little on the warm side itself, and it felt so good to jump in. Happy (late) birthday, Levi!

Joceyln rexaled and enjoyed the day with the older kids...
Precious baby Kate slept soundly in Mama's arms at the party
Some of the smaller kids had their own pool... All of Carla's extra floats sure came in handy!

Jenna smiles for the camera!
Addison is concentrating hard on watering the pool!
... and Jaclyn's off...!

Some more close-ups of Jocelyn

Elizabeth and Will stand patiently in line for the diving board!
Can we go home now? I am so tired!!

Duane Turns 40!

Michal threw a surprise 40th birthday for Duane last week. Everything was so well-laid-out and planned with the games, air rides, potluck, and bbq, but I think Duane won by surprising everyone the most probably when he got home early before the guests arrived! Michal did a wonderful job coordinating everything, and the party was lots of fun in the hot sun - especially for the kids! Happy Birthday, Duane! (I'm sorry that I did not happen to get a picture of the celebrity himself on his special day...)

Mark takes some snaps of Addison as she poses... The kids LOVED the air rides!!

They don't make them any better than Fred!!
The party was perfectly decorated to commemorate the special day!

Alexandria and Addison decide to make their own pool - with Teresa's help!

Ut oh. Am I in trouble for splashing Alexandria??

Carla and Evie smile for the camera!
Anika, Kelsey, and Jaclyn say cheese! Noah loved the cupcakes!

Just Having Fun!

Here are just some goofy pictures we took recently of the kids and some others of some good friends who stayed for a while after meeting last Wednesday...

Addison says hi!!

Noah just loves to play peek-a-boo!

Anna gave Addison her first official french braid! (Addison is always SO MUCH more patient when Anna does her hair than when I do!!)

Sophia waves hello!

Adrian goes up for the shot!
Satchel is about to swing!